Choosing Baby Full Moon Packages


One of the proudest moments in a Chinese or Malaysian parent’s life is when they officially introduce their baby to their family in the customary Full Month Celebration; a celebration of birth. This celebration usually comes along in the form of a large party in which friends and family alike are invited to bless the child and join the parents in celebration the birth of their baby.   As we all know, having a baby is very expensive. If it isn’t prenatal health care expenses, then its hospital bills for the delivery. If it isn’t postnatal health care for the mother and the baby, then it is the many expenses that come along with the baby’s food, diapers, physician bills and nannies etc. So when parents have to celebrate their child’s birth in the form of a Full Moon party, there can be a lot of things to take into consideration.


Full Moon Party Expenses


There are a lot of expenses that are part of the Full Moon party celebration. Food, decoration, cakes etc. all combine to make up a hefty sum of money for the parents to pay. In order to make sure this party does not break the bank, so to speak, here are a couple of things one should keep in mind while selecting Full Moon Packages:

Number of people

Depending on whether you have a large guest list or a small one, most food vendors or Full Moon Package providers will offer varying discounts. Make sure to have an RSVP-ed guest list so you know how many people are coming.

Food choices

Some foods such as the Red Eggs and the Ang koo kuih are traditional foods that are mandatory for the party. However, there are some things you can get away with not having as part of the menu. It is entirely up to you whether you want the caterers to have 5 dishes or less.

Gift boxes

According to the number of guests, certain local startup business will be able to provide beautiful boxes with traditional cakes and treats such as Red Eggs and Ang koo kuih. These can be extremely affordable and convenient if they meet your requirements.

Advice to parents


To the parents about to plan their baby’s Full Moon Celebration Party, it is advised that they follow a couple of steps to ensure that they are well-informed and get the best deals.


1. Research! Research! Research!

To celebrate your child’s Full Moon, you may want to hire caterers to handle food and party planners to manage the invites and decor. If you research all local startups and established businesses, you will easily be able to find the best people to hire, as well as save a lot of money by comparing the prices.


2. Time of booking

Usually, if you book a month before the actual event as opposed to a week before it, it is possible that you get a better venue and maybe even a discount! So make sure to book your venue and you catering services, or you package providers way before hand.


3. Be sure of what you want

To the caterers or party planners, make sure you are clear about what you expect of them and what you wish for them to do. Get the best deals being offered, and make sure you get quality for your money.


4. Recommendations

Asking your friends and family for recommendations is always a good thing. Act upon these recommendations to find reliable and trustworthy businesses that will make your child’s Full Moon party an absolute success.



Your child’s Full Moon Celebration can be a very big deal. To make sure it goes off without a hitch and that you get the best deals, and the most value for your money, research, and ask for recommendations or even samples if possible. In order to have the best possible Full Moon Celebration, be very thorough in terms of all the steps mentioned above. It never hurts to prepare well before hand.

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