Confinement Nanny Services @ Hong Kong


We provide our professional confinement services to other Asian countries outside Malaysia including but not limited to Hong Kong. If you are a Malaysian residing in Hong Kong, you can easily hire a Malaysian confinement nannies through the assistance of a reliable agency. is an online confinement agency who have been providing postnatal care services to many clients residing in other countries outside Malaysia.

We place highly experienced English or Cantonese speaking Chinese confinement nannies to Hong Kong. The services provided shall be limited to live-in or stay in confinement services where the confinement nannies and will be staying in the clients’ place within the service period.


Services provided by our Chinese Confinement Nannies:


  • 24 hours baby care to to ensure complete rest for mother.
  • Baby bath
  • Baby feeding (breastfeeding friendly)
  • Washing of baby’s clothes
  • Preparation of healthy confinement meals and tonic soups for mother.
  • Preparation of special confinement herbal bath for mother (if requested).
  • Washing of mother’s clothes
  • Guidance and support on newborn care procedures and mother care.
  • Breastfeeding guidance and support for mother.
  • Assistance with grocery shopping, if required.
  • Dishwashing after meals.
  • Light house chores
  • Laundry and cooking for the rest of family members can be arranged (additional charges wil be imposed)

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