FAQ for Confinement Food Delivery

What is your confinement food delivery time?

We deliver to your doorstep between 11.30 am to 1.30 pm.

How many days do you deliver in a week?

Our confinement meals are delivered 7 days in a week, from Monday to Sunday.

How many meals do you deliver in a day?

We deliver TWO (2) meals per day for lunch and dinner. Both lunch and dinner meal will be delivered together.




When should I place the booking order?

We only accept limited orders per month to maintain high quality and nutritious home-cooked confinement meals. Hence, we urge our clients to place the order at least two months ahead of their Estimated Due Date (EDD) so to secure the booking.

Do I need to inform Confinement Care Services to start delivering?

Yes, please contact us two days in advance to activate the delivery.

What if I deliver much earlier or later then my estimated due date, can you still cater the food to me?

Once you have confirmed your booking, we will deliver the meals upon your request, regardless of your delivery date.

Who should I contact for further enquiries?

For further enquiries or assistance, please call + 6 012 200 7794 or email us at cs@confinementcareservices.com.

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