There is no denying the fact that a child is of utmost importance to their mother, and that breast milk is the most healthy food for young infants, but there are also a lot of conditions that go with it. Mothers are supposed to take a number of precautions for their babies because the baby is getting food directly from the mother’s body. They should be very particular about their diet, avoid things that are not healthy for their babies. Whatever the mother eats the baby eats too. Therefore, good nutrition is as important for her as it is for her baby.


A nursing mother should take extreme care of her food intake. There is a wide range of food items they must stay away from during the time they are nursing their baby.


1. Caffeine

A young baby’s digestive is not yet strong enough to handle caffeine. Hence, no matter how much sleepless nights a mother has to get through, she must avoid intake of caffeine in any form. Caffeine from tea, coffee or soda gets mixed with breast milk and transfers to the baby. Babies get cranky, irritated and sleepless. As the babies grow older they might get more tolerant to caffeine. So, it is only a matter of time that the mother can get her caffeine dose back.


2. Fish

Although fish is not to be avoided completely, but the mothers should be very careful towards fish that has a high level of mercury in it. Breastfeeding mothers are also suggested to have same consumption of fish as pregnant women.


3. Chocolate

This is total injustice to the mother, to ask her to cut short on chocolate, but it is best for the baby. Chocolates like coffee, tea and soda contains caffeine, comparatively in a lesser amount, but contains nonetheless. Chocolate may also have a laxative effect on some babies.


4. Parsley or Peppermint

Parsley and peppermint both these herbs are a threat to a mother’s milk supply. A small amount might not cause any difference, but be aware, every human body is different. Mothers should be specifically more cautious when coming up on a growth spurt and the baby’s appetite has increased.


5. Dairy products

It is common knowledge that there are some babies who are allergic to formulas made of cow milk. Babies might get fussy after being fed, has eczema or any other skin related problem, has sleeping issues. If a baby has any of these problems, the mother might need to limit her dairy products usage. It is difficult to avoid dairy products completely, it would be better if it is done for at least a week.


6. Alcohol

This one is the most obvious and a no-brainer. A little amount of alcohol, a glass or two of wine with a meal is no harm. But, the heavy dosage is highly dangerous for babies. It takes 1-2 hours for this amount of alcohol to metabolize. Alcohol does not stay in a mother’s breast milk any longer than her blood streams, so as long as the mother is sober, she can resume nursing her baby.



Newborn babies are totally dependent on their mothers if they are fed only with breast milk. A mother is their only source of nutrition. It is advisable for a mother to take all necessary steps for her baby, even if it means to turn away from her favorite food items. The inconvenience is for a short period of time, but this time, can ensure a healthy life for the baby.

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