Many women in Malaysia hire a confinement lady or pui yuet to assist mothers in the postnatal period immediately after birth. Like pre-birth, the after birth services that are commonly given amid the six-week period after labor are imperative to the moms’ health.



In developing nations, more than 60% of maternal deaths happen amid the after birth period. A great number of after birth inconveniences can be minimized if the right measures are taken. Physical and also psycho-social issues can be identified early by means of an extreme after birth care. Unexpectedly, in developing nations, around 70% of ladies don’t get any after birth care.

In Malaysia, the three unique ethnic gatherings i.e. Malays, Chinese, and Indians each have their own confinement ways. However these three ethnic groups share some similar standards and components including recommended repression period, after birth diet, knead, hot pack (bertungku), girdle (bengkung), home grown showers and restorative tonics and in addition, a certain particular way of life measures.

How to find the best Confinement Lady

Word of mouth is your best friend when finding an experienced confinement lady or pui yuet, ask your relatives, friends or colleagues for a good confinement nanny that they recommend. It’s important that you cross check her experience and skills and whether they match your specific requirements. You could save a lot of time and effort if someone or an agency recommends you a good confinement lady in Malaysia.

The second most preferred way to find confinement lady in Malaysia is to search and shortlist the best agency providing confinement lady services; the agency has comparatively well-trained confinement ladies with some form of guarantees for the services they sign to provide.

What to keep in mind before hiring a confinement lady

A confinement lady takes care of certain duties and tasks for a month or so after the mother gives birth. In the event that you feel you might need to hire a confinement lady to help you, you will need to tell her beforehand when you need her services, with the goal that she won’t acknowledge different bookings for that time. In case you are booking pui yuet through an agency you will have to ask them about the retaining services and additional charges in advance.

By what means would I be able to live with this outsider for an entire month?

There are different things you can do to help both you and her conform to your extended family.

A few thoughts:

  • In the event that you don’t feel like going out, ask a couple of close friends to come and spend some time so you won’t feel so disconnected.
  • In the event that you don’t wish to watch the customary limitations of the confinement period, then you don’t need to. Regardless of the fact that your restriction caretaker bothers you, it is your decision whether to wash your hair, drink icy milk, go out and see your companions, or run bare in your greenery enclosure at midnight under the full moon! Recall that she arrives to help you through this upsetting time. You are paying her and this makes you the supervisor.
  • The postnatal period can be upsetting, especially in the event that you have had a cesarean section or an episiotomy, so focus on keeping yourself upbeat and agreeable. Her satisfaction is auxiliary.
What will the confinement lady do?

It’s important that confinement lady is well trained and experienced to take care of mother and newborn baby. Following are some of the major duties of a confinement lady.

  • Baby bathing
  • Cooking nutritious confinement dishes for mother
  • Washing clothes for baby and mother

Remember that your happiness and babies health is of utmost importance in this time period, if there is anything causing discomfort you should discuss it with confinement lady at the earliest.


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