The postnatal period is extremely crucial for the mother. This is the time when a mother needs proper attention, a nutritious diet and constant rest and care to ensure her and her child’s well-being. To help with all of this, a traditional Malay, Chinese or Indian confinement lady can be hired. A confinement lady is a nanny who is well versed in traditional confinement practices and recipes, and is hired to take care of the mother and the baby during the first month after the delivery i.e. the confinement period. Her primary job is to make sure that mother recovers and the newborn baby are well taken care of.

The one thing that might confuse a lot of young parents is the question of how to hire a good confinement lady, especially if these parents are first-time parents. It is commonly observed that some women end up having horrible experiences with their confinement nannies. This might scare you, but if certain steps are followed, then you will always have the best confinement lady experience possible.

Steps to follow to hire a good Confinement Lady:

There are things that parents should consider before hiring a confinement lady. If they ensure that they are hiring someone capable, then they can be at peace about the caretaking of the baby.

  • Look into online communities and websites for mothers who share their real experiences with confinement ladies. This way you will know which companies and individuals have the good reputation and what to look for in a confinement lady.


  • Ask friends for recommendations. If they have had previous experiences with confinement ladies, then they will be able to guide you in the process. They might even tell you why or why not to hire a particular confinement lady.


  • Online motherhood forums also help concerning other mothers letting people know what a good confinement lady does etc.


  • Book a confinement lady beforehand. If possible, do it right after getting to know about your pregnancy and your due date. This might seem strange but these days all good confinement ladies are fully booked. It is better to reserve one as early as possible.


  • Does the confinement lady show fondness for babies and her job? If she is not interested in her work, then she won’t do it with utmost attentiveness. Interview her before hiring her, and observe her behavior throughout the interview.


  • Check if the confinement lady you are going to hire is a good cook. Food is a very important part of the confinement period. While some people prefer to avail confinement food delivery in Malaysia, it is better if your confinement lady is well rehearsed in confinement herbs and food recipes.
  • Make sure that the confinement lady has years of experience. The confinement period has a lot of spiritual value, and an inexperienced pui yuet may not be familiar with all of the traditions.
  • You may also hire a confinement lady from a confinement lady agency. This way you can always make your complaints to the company that sends her.



In order to avoid frustration and disappointment down the line, it is better if the family does thorough research and looks for the best confinement ladies in their area. Ask all parents among your friends and family for help and recommendations, and try to interview the confinement lady on the phone or in person. This way, you will be making sure that your postnatal period goes through without any difficulties.

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