Malay confinement is called “Pantang” which originates from the expression ‘pantang larang’ which means “taboo” so from the expression “pantang” itself, you can as of now tell that there are numerous restrictions included in the said confinement period. It is followed strictly so that a new mother can regain her figure, energy, and health. The reason for Malay confinement is to deal with the mother’s wellbeing in later life, and additionally to recapture vitality and general recuperation. New moms with children, as a rule, are cared for by their mothers or mother-in-law. Be that as it may, now the majorities of the new moms go for part time confinement nanny or daytime confinement lady and more often than not will get the confinement lady/ nanny to offer assistance. Ordinarily, the restriction period is 44 days, yet there are some Malays who stay home up to 100 days. Some of the practices followed include:
Postnatal Massage

The point is to fortify the blood veins and vessels lifting the regenerative tract, evacuating the blood that is still present in the uterus and separating fat. During the confinement period, a female masseuse is hired to offer the mother some assistance with regaining her figure or if nothing else to keep her expanded tummy trim. Urut (massage) is an unquestionable requirement for a woman in confinement.

Berbengkung and Bertungku
The act of firmly tying the tummy is called berbengkung. The mother ought to “keep warm” through different conventional strategies. These might incorporate sitting close to or lying at a warmth source, or warming the stomach area by applying a warmed stone over it. Heat treatment is performed day by day before wearing the stomach wrap “bengkung”. Hot stone or warmed heater will be wrapped in fabric before being set in the stomach area to recoil the uterus and propelled generation of leftover blood stain in it. Heat medications at the thighs will breakdown obstinate fat. Body of the new mother will be wiped utilizing herbs and wrapped with fabric “bengkung” from underneath the mid-section to the back face each day all through the whole time of imprisonment. “Bengkung” fabric is from cotton material and outfitted with straps to guarantee the gauze on the body does not open easily. The bengkung is sufficiently wide to cover the zone simply under your bosoms the distance to the highest point of your thighs and constrains you to sit up straight.
Applying Pilis
Tying up of the hair and applying pilis (a blend of cinnamon bark beat with garlic) on to the temple is a traditional Malay treatment, especially characteristic of confinement. There are herb-imbued showers and washes, likewise, something many refer to as param to apply everywhere throughout the body subsequent to washing — a blend of rice flour, ginger, turmeric and black pepper.
Natural Bath
Natural bath is very important for the postnatal period. Herbs, roots and flavors are to be blended with water. This herb is accepted to revive the body, the wind and dispose of the odor of blood baby blues. Different herbs and flavors are joined to deliver drinking water (home grown mix) each morning. Postnatal herbs are sold by nearby makers or from Indonesia. Herbs can energize, guaranteeing her hot body, and dispose of fat, wind and poisons. New herbs, for example, turmeric additionally urge to help the recuperation of the mother’s body.
During childbirth, the mother has lost a great deal of blood, and this makes her body cool and strained. Post-natal confinement will enhance the blood circulation intended to lift the womb, straighten the belly and breakdown the recalcitrant fat. It’s always advised to speak to your doctor before you start going for massages or therapy that you think is good for you.
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