Indian Confinement Services


Childbirth is a challenging process to women both physically and emotionally. Thus, women shall go through a period of postnatal confinement to regain energy and for overall recovery. Confinement period varies for different races in Malaysia. For the Malays, the confinement period is usually from 40 to 44 days, but there are some Malays who have their confinement period up to 100 days. The Indians often practice confinement period for 30-40 days while the Chinese community practice confinement for 28 days only.


During confinement, the new mother is not allowed to go out of the house or do any heavy house chores. This is for the purpose of restoring the health of new mothers and help the mother body to recover from the severe birth. During this period, the mother and her newborn baby will usually be placed in a room, and they will be taken care of by a confinement lady or nanny who will provide confinement meals for the mother, massaging, bathing the baby, and washing clothes for the mother and baby. This treatment period is usually last for 30 to 40 days. The Indians who come from the north, west and south India would usually practice confinement for up to 40 days. However, those who originate from the eastern part of the Indian rarely practice confinement. The common practice of the Indian confinement is to have herbal bath with just warm water, usually using neem leaves.

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