Part Time Confinement Ladies


A Confinement Lady or a pui yuet is a nanny specifically hired to help care for the mother and the baby in the post-natal period. This practice of hiring a Confinement lady is very common in Malaysian-Chinese women. Today, the practice of hiring a part-time confinement lady is becoming more common among the Malay and Indian families.

When talking about confinement ladies and nannies, a lot of questions must be answered to fully understand what this practice entails and what a new mother should know before hiring one.

Do you need a Confinement Lady?

Women who had a strenuous pregnancy, a difficult labor or a cesarean may experience a lot of tiredness after they give birth. For such women who require help around the house, especially with taking care of their newborn child, a part-time nanny or a confinement lady is an excellent choice. The transition from being a pregnant woman to a new mother can be tough for some women, and that is where these confinement ladies come in. With years of training and experience under their belt, they are the perfect persons to help out a new mother with recovering from the birth as well as taking care of the child.

Women who are first-time mothers and who are not aware of what exactly a newborn baby might need can tend to be very clueless after they give birth. For such women, a part-time confinement lady is not only a lifesaver but also a teacher.

A Day-Time Confinement Lady’s Job Description


The primary job description includes caring only for the mother and child. However, nowadays, if you speak to your Confinement Lady, then you can set the terms of what you expect her to do.

The Baby

It is the primary job of the Confinement Lady to make sure the newborn baby is in perfect health. Her tasks are to feed the baby, change its diapers, bathe it, clean it and ensure that it is safe. This includes being constantly ready in case the baby starts crying and even helping with the baby’s visits to the physician etc.

The Mother

The Confinement Lady is also supposed to make sure that the mother recovers from the childbirth in the best possible way. This includes making sure that the mother is not stressed, taking care of the baby so that the mother can rest, and generally helping around to make sure that the mother does not work a lot. An important part of a Malay Day-Time Confinement Lady’s job is to provide traditional Malay postnatal massage and treatment. This massage and treatment is considered extremely beneficial for the mother’s recovery and is proven to have a slimming effect on the body.

Confinement Cooking

Another big part of the Confinement Lady’s job is to cook for the mother. Confinement food is the best part of the confinement period for most women, particularly for the Chinese. It is the Confinement Lady’s job to make sure that you are well fed with amazing confinement food recipes.

Other Daily Tasks

Other household chores such as washing the dishes, doing some cleaning and even doing the laundry for the newborn and mommy etc. can come under the job description of a part-time Confinement Lady for a full day service. It is up to you to negotiate as to what sort of jobs will be done by her.

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