Tanamera Postnatal Care Set Promotion



Purchase a Tanamera Postnatal Care Set, FREE one bottle of Qelapa Virgin Coconut Oil. (Applicable for purchases in Malaysia only).

Each Tanamera Postnatal Care Set contains 10 products to help new mothers recover and rejuvenate, in the shortest time possible. The products are:

~ Formulated based on traditional Malay, Chinese and Ayurvedic postnatal treatments to provide a natural solution for new mother’s body to heal from the inside-out in a balanced manner, hormonally and physically.

~ Made from plant-based 100% natural ingredients with emphasis on the use of tropical herbs and essential oils, with no artificial coloring, fragrance, preservative, toxic chemical nor ‘jamu’ which are harmful to babies.

~ Designed to provide care during pregnancy to help prepare for smoother delivery, and care during confinement to help new mothers rest, recover and rejuvenate to prepregnancy body and shape, in the shortest time possible.

~ Breastfeeding friendly and with aromatherapy effect to calm and soothe new mothers to faster recovery.

The products’ ingredients are 100% natural to ensure safety for both Moms and Baby. The postnatal care set is made from high quality and fresh ingredients to make sure you get the best out of it.

List of 10 products in the Set :

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil 100ml
Brown soap 125gm
Herbal massage oil 100ml
Feminine herbal wash 14 sachets
Herbal bath 14 sachets
Firming herbal blend paste 14 sachets
Bengkung length 127cm, height 54 cm
Herbal tea 14 sachets
Calming blend paste 14 sachets
Boreh body scrub 4 sachets


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