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The Postnatal period for new mothers features a lot of psychological and physical after-effects of the pregnancy and labour. This adversely affects their health. For mothers who have just had their first baby, the situation is far more severe and calls for immediate attention. Sometimes, Gynaecologists try to psychologically prepare mothers for the after effects of the delivery, but they can never fully prepare them for what sort of changes they have to get used to.



In such times, the help of an experienced and knowledgeable confinement lady is the best decision. An external help can bring forth a much-needed balance in the house. The help would allow the family to welcome the new bundle of joy, and revel in the latest addition to their family.

How a Live-in Postnatal Confinement Lady Helps

A live-in confinement lady puts the new mother at complete ease with her presence. She takes care of the baby, the mother and their daily chores. Because of her presence, the mother feels less worried and her body can heal faster with herbs and postnatal massages that are part of the confinement lady’s services. Furthermore, the baby and the house are in safe hands too.

There are a lot of benefits of letting a live-in confinement lady in your house.

A woman who has just given birth has gone through hours of labour and lost a lot of blood. All this leaves her body drained. Her body demands rest. A newborn baby has a different time clock than adults, which makes it difficult for the mother to get her much-deserved rest. A confinement lady helps the mother in taking care of the baby and hence allows the mother to rest more.
During pregnancy and giving birth, the mother’s body goes through a lot of changes. Along with rest, she also requires a healthy diet to return back to her normal self. A live-in or stay-in confinement lady has the expertise to know what is a good diet for a new mother. She can end up being a complete guide for the mother.
Daily Chores
Expecting a mother to look after a newborn baby and doing household chores would be unfair. A baby takes up most of her time, and then the household chores leave her no time to rest. It is better to have a live-in confinement lady to share responsibilities with her for the initial month.
Even if it is not the mother’s first child, the confinement lady still has more knowledge and experience. There is a lot to learn from her, and after her job is done for the month, the things the mother will learn from her will help her take care of the baby for a long period of time to come.
Nobody dislikes external help and one could always use it in their times of need. A new mother needs that help in the initial period after giving birth more than any other time in her life. It is only sensible to opt for a live-in confinement lady to let the mother heal and get back to her pre-pregnancy healthy self.

However, depending on the types of services you required and your budget range, we are providing other postnatal confinement services such as Postnatal Massage, Chinese Confinement Food Delivery, Halal Confinement Food Delivery, as well as Daytime confinement lady services.

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