Vegetarian Confinement Meals Delivery

Vegetarian Confinement Food Catering

Tasty & Healthy

The vegetarian menu is 100% homemade with special recipes, specifically designed based on the mother body’s condition. Seven types of rice are served each week, and the main dishes are different on each of the 28 days.

Home Delivery

Pure vegetarian confinement meals provided with home delivery every day from Monday to Sunday.

Two Packages

14 days and 28 days vegetarian confinement meals packages available.

Three Meals

Breakfast (1 main course), Lunch (1 rice, 1 main dish, 1 appetiser, 1 vegetable) and Dinner (1 rice, 1 main dish, 1 appetiser, 1 vegetable) with additional supplement and 2 Litres of Red Dates Drinks are provided daily.

Why Our Vegetarian Meals?

We provide a creative range of tasty yet healthy vegetarian confinement meals to your doorsteps!

We surprise you with a different menu every single day and ensure that you receive proper nutrition throughout your confinement period.

Two packages available:
• 14 Days Package
• 28 Days Package

We deliver THREE meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) plus a supplement (special recipe with herbs/ wine) and 2L red dates drinks per day.

We specially design the menu based on your body’s condition and the recipes are not repeated within the package period. We serve 7 types of rice each week, and the main dishes are different on each of the 28 days.

Delicious & Healthy


  • Breakfast: Signature Vege Udon
  • Lunch: Rice with 5 grains, ginger bean curd with wine soup, steamed mushrooms with pepper, vegetables
  • Dinner: Barley rice, steamed vege mock meat with ginger, 5 colors beans, vegetables
  • Supplement: Stew papaya with herbs
  • Drinks: 2 liters of red dates and herbal drinks

Secret Ingredients

Eggs,   Tofu,   Vegetables,   Noodles,   Barly,   Ginger,   Brown Rice,   Mushrooms,   Alcohol,  and Herbs

Dates with Lotus Root Soup

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