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We match experienced and trustworthy postnatal service providers nearby your location, providing you a stress-free confinement period.

 Confinement Care Services

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Prenatal Massage

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Malay Stay In Services

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Postnatal Massage 

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Chinese Stay In Services

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Stress-Free Experience Guaranteed!


Our service providers are carefully screened and selected.

We only recommend confinement nannies and massage therapists with

good track record and feedback from clients.


Why Confinement Care Services?


No Agency Fees

We only charge a referral fee to the service providers. As such, there is no extra agency fee incurred to our clients.


Services to Your Doorstep

We deliver effective confinement recovery and rejuvenate programs and services to the convenient and comfort of your home. This allows you to stay at home yet enjoy various services delivered to your location.


One-Stop Confinement Services

We provide one-stop confinement services from prenatal to postnatal care. You can enjoy a peace of mind quality customer service at affordable fees, all in one organised portal.


Professional Consultancy Advice

We provide professional postnatal advice to first-time mothers who may not be familiar with various aspects of caring for a newborn baby.

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